Age of Empires Co-Creator Opens Up New Studio

by nintendoiso on July 17, 2012

Speaking with GamesBeat, Tony Goodman, the Age of Empires co-creator, starting up a new mobile games studio, called PeopleFun. The studio will have six veterans and will develop games for the iOS and Android. The studio will be based out of Richardson, Texas

“We wanted to do something from the ground up, starting small,” said Goodman. “We were so successful with our first idea that we never got around to some of our other ideas. We’d like to create character-driven games, like the Nintendo games that we grew up with.”

“I try not to worry about the platform and try to do something creative and worthwhile, something that will be remembered,” said Goodman. “I created PeopleFun to get back to the magic of a small, super-luminescent creative team.”

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