Wii U Sells 40,000 units Opening Weekend in the UK

by nintendoiso on December 3, 2012

Nintendo launched its Wii U console over the weekend and it sold about 40,000 units in its first two days, according to MCV. Retail sources suggest that the console is nearly sold out at most retailers, so if Nintendo had been able to ship more consoles the figure it could have been higher.

The software attach rate is in excess of 2 to 1. For every console that was sold on average just over two games were sold. Also this figure does not include digital software sales from Nintendo’s eShop.

Other sales figures include the premium bundle selling the majority of the units, 24,000, while the basic bundle sold just 10 percent or 4,000 units. The ZombiU bundle sold 12,000 units or 30 percent of the total consoles sold.

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